I received from you a copy of the European Suppliers Book. The catalogue turned out to be a useful source in searching for companies and offers in the advertising industry, which allowed me to find interesting product offers for my customers.
Alex, CreaticePromotions Limited, Great Britain

Thanks to the annual publication of our adverts in the ESB-catalogue, we managed to reach interesting partners from the advert recourses industry. In addition, ESB gives us the possibility to send out a newsletter to our target customers every month, free of charge. Thus, our advertising outreach has increased once more. This makes ESB an attractive platform for us, whose services we have been eagerly making use of for several years now. It is worth mentioning how easy and uncomplicated contacting the friendly ESB-Team is.
Pins & mehr GmbH & Co.KG, Germany

Our regular advertisements in European Suppliers Book provide us with valuable contacts to distributors from many European countries and all this at an unbeatable value for money.
Sascha Behrendt, Bemag Behrendt Marketing Group, Germany

The ESB is an interesting proposal for us. We have been using this tool for the last year and I think that it works. It biggest value for me is its monthly newsletter and extensive mailing database.
Mariusz Szandecki, Sandex, Poland

The ESB catalogue is an excellent way to remind about and, at the same time, advertise exhibitors and production companies. Customers looking for a given product can easily and quickly find details of companies offering the desired goods.
Jerzy Polak, A&J, Poland