European Suppliers Bookis a tool designed to support suppliers in their export activities within the promotional merchandise industry. Explore the ESB catalog and check how could you use best the opportunities to advertise in the ESB.

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Stedman® – More than just your average t-shirts!

Stedman® – More than just your average t-shirts! Did you know that the Stedman® brand was founded more than six decades ago in the USA? Back in 1953, the Stedman Manufacturing Company, based in Asheboro, North Carolina, started manufacturing sportswear and undergarments for men and boys. Now, more than 60 years later, we are proudly following in the footsteps of our founders and continue to further develop their

Best business gifts your money can buy

Best business gifts your money can buy No matter if you like to buy blank items or products with decoration. We are here to help you out whenever you need fresh ideas, good products and reliable service. Do not fail to check what we can do for you at :

ID- Protect System Collection

ID- Protect System Collection A few months ago we introduced to our offer a new collection of wallets and card cases with the system ID Protect. It is a system that protects the data contained on the PayPass cards against unauthorized reading. With PayPass card holder function, you can download data on it, which can then be used to steal money from Your bank account. System ID Protect used in our products effectively

Caramba caracho – Hot Chili

Caramba caracho – Hot Chili The new hot chili peppers are a real “pick-me-up” with spicy oomph for the daring ones in the advertising industry. Fruit gums are something for small children and sissies? You’re way out! From zero to hundred - cool and fiery, the small teaser lives on the fast lane and brings people together. Whether as a snack in a hotel, at a fair conference or in the fast-paced ambience of a noble

The whitelines principle: Note - Capture - Share

The lines of the notebook are white and the paper is grey. When photocopying and scanning, the background is no longer visible. The Whitelines Link® app recognizes the pages of the book through ‘automatic capture’. The app scans it automatically, the lines disappear and notes and sketches can be immediately shared via Mail, Dropbox, Evernote and similar platforms. Above all, every product can

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