About ESB

European Suppliers Book is a catalogue dedicated to European suppliers from the advertising industry, which aims to support export activities and to reach distributors and advertising agencies in Europe.

The catalogue is prepared in a paper form, which is issued once a year in September and in online version, which is distributed by e-mail in September and February. It is prepared in such a form as to combine the advantages of the printed catalogue and serve the customer as a handy database.

The ESB in printed form is sent to 5,000 companies operating in the advertising industry including distributors and advertising agencies. The online version is e-mailed to 35,000 companies. The 5th issue of the European Suppliers Book will be distributed in 24 European countries.

Benefits package:

- through advertising in the printed catalogue you reach about 5,000 distributors in Europe with the information about your company,
- you receive a database of 5,000 companies to whom the delivery of the catalogue  was carried out by post, therefore you may contact them directly
- owing to advertising in the electronic version of the catalogue you will reach 35,000 companies in Europe
- the unique form of your advertisement - picture + information field - will make the recipient receive information on your offer as well as your contact details (products, brands, address details, contact persons)
- thanks to keywords lists (companies, products, brands in alphabetical order) distributors will quickly find your company in the catalogue

To meet our customers’ expectations the offer is tailored to their individual needs.


A4 format advertisement in a printed catalogue, a page in online catalogue, database of companies to whom the catalogue was sent by post, sending catalogue in electronic form by email (September 2017 and February 2018), a piece of news on www.esbook.eu (once a month)


A4 format advertisement in online catalogue, sending catalogue in electronic form by email (September 2017 and February 2018), a piece of news on www.esbook.eu (once a month)


A4 format advertisement in online catalogue


Entry in suppliers www directory

free of charge



- September – sending catalogue by post
- September and February – emailing on-line catalogue
- 28 July 2017 – deadline for sending material to catalogue publisher

If you are inetersted in European Supppliers Book please contact us:
email: esbook@gjconline.com
tel: +48 61 674 01 56, +48 61 674 01 35