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Ulla - Changing You Drinking Habits

Ulla is a high-tech gadget that changes your water drinking habits. It trains your brain to remember that you should drink regularly. Ulla reminds you to drink every 35 minutes but it will blink only if you forget to drink.
With Ulla you can increase your productivity, boost everyday hydration and feel better without losing precious time. Ulla automatically blinks when it’s time to drink and fits any glass or bottle. Your brand will gain visibility with every sip.

Promotional purposes
With Ulla, you can place your logo on users’ office desk and make them look at it at least every 35 minutes. And at the same time, you help users feel and perform better. It’s a perfect business gift. It’s also an ideal gift for internal marketing as employees feel and perform better. Ulla is the ideal gadget for health at work promotion.

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