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Swinging-bowl: Guaranteed ecological

Pressebild_Schaukelschale_BIO Heri-Rigoni emotion factory
Bioplastics not in competition to human – and animal food production
Large areas with plastic waste in the world’s oceans, dead fish due to plastic in their stomach or polluted beaches and forests – these pictures make daily headlines around the world.
Simultaneously, there is a developement to the reduction of plastic waste. The user of the swinging-bowl of the emotion factory contributes to this important environmental conservation goal and not just improves the ecological footprint, but also actively involves the customer.

Environment protection x 3
Keyword: Biodegradability! With the use of bioplastics, the fast biodegradability of the material is guaranteed. The material of the rocking dishes consists of a complex mixture of natural fibers and a biopolymer matrix. Contrary to other natural resources, areas and plants that are necessary for human - and animal food production are not used. The local sourcing ensures the minimizing of the CO2 emission.

Well thought out and with 100% ecological components, the product made by the manufacturer of promotional products in the Black Forest with its various combination possibilities delights you sustainably and also the advertising message won’t come off badly: The product is delivered with flower – or herb seeds as well as a peat tab as soil and brings a piece of nature on the desk or the window sill of the customer.
Once the small garden is harvested, the swinging-bowl can be used as storage option for paper clips, coins, candies etc.
The product can be ordered as as full dish, separately in two parts or even in a set of 2 and 3.
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