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Stone Wireless Power Bank

Stone Wireless 9000 mAh Power Bank
We have released a new power bank with 'wireless' function.
Updated version of "Stone Power Bank" with wireless charging function enabling you to charge your devices wirelessly without carrying any cables with you. This new wireless power bank has 9000 mAh battery allowing you to charge your device up to 3-4 times.

Open surfaces of the power bank are great to imprint your logo or advertising information. Furthermore it saved its unique 'stone touch design' that feels almost like a real stone when placed in your hands plus the unusual design will attract eyes all the time making your brand visibility even stronger.

The power bank with wireless indication sign to place your phone on and indication lights to show the battery level of the power bank.

In addition to the new wireless function this power bank has 2 high-power outputs. That enable charging of more than one device at a time.

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