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Smart Goggles - best selling gadget

Smart Goggles
Have you already tried our Smart Goggles? Did you know that since 2016 this is our best selling gadget? No? Then you've to try it!

Our carton VR Smart Goggles allow you to view photos
and videos in 3D and augmented panoramic 360 reality.

Smart Goggles - main features:
- easy access to 3D and virtual reality
- fits practically to all even the biggest mobiles (perforated lateral parts that can be easily removed)
- delivered as a kit for DIY
- attractive appearance and high quality workmanship
- easy and comfortable operation
- large advertising area (full color print on glossy or matte finish)
- high quality lens for wide angle of view
- excellent, sharp, high contrast image
- smooth regulation of lenses spacing
- solid, ergonomic design contoured to the shape of your face
- side "wings" to protect your phone from falling out
- made of durable 3-ply cardboard
- low price.