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PowerBranding with a new standard for traditional travel adapters

PowerCube Rewirable Duo USB
The PowerCube Rewirable DUO USB

This multifunctional PowerCube can be used in combination with the supplied Travel Plugs as travel outlet in the world, both at home and on the move. This model has the same 4 outlets and 2 strong USB ports (2.1 A). Due to the compact and innovative cube shape, the individual connectors and adapters can never get tangled up. On the back of the PowerCube, a standard IEC cable (power cord for computers, printers, monitors, scanners etc.) can be connected. In this way, the PowerCube Rewirable DUO USB can also be used as an extension cable.

Travel adapters have several shortcomings:
• safety: most travel adapters cannot be certified because of their dimensions
• only one outlet: nowadays we probably carry more than one electronic device with us.
• we believe more consumers use travel adapters to plug their home device into a foreign socket, than a foreign plug to a home socket. Think about it... and look what is available on the market.
• optimal use; as product designers we hate it when products are not used frequently. With travel adapters this is the case: when returning home they end up in a drawer. Such a waste!

We proudly want to tell you that the PowerCube has won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award.
The PowerCube is perfectly suitable for printing Logo’s. The product ensures your customers for absolute “Power Branding”.