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Power banks and fidget spinner with printing in MemoRabbit

promotional power banks and fidget
Wide range of promotional power banks and fidget spinners available from manufacture MemoRabbit

Today every one of us is using a smartphone. They have become an integral part of our lives. Unfortunately, the increased capacity of these devices compared to the conventional phones has led to increased power consumption. While the former mobile phones withstood no charge for up to two weeks, today's smartphones typically last a maximum of one day. With this problem came the idea of ​​a power bank. A portable battery capable of charging our smartphone when we are away from the power source. We offer a wide range of advertising powerbanks from which we distinguish the DS-PB020. This is a combination of Bluetooth speaker, power bank and led flashlight.

Another interesting product is the conquering top of the popular fidget swivel. We offer a wide selection of this gadget with the option of labeling or engraving.