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New LokenToken dual USB flash drive with USB Type-C

LokenToken dual USB flash drive
We have updated our lockable LokenToken dual USB flash drive with USB Type-C!
SDI Gifts invented whole new USB flash drive called 'LokenToken' that has an integrated 5-digit mechanical combination code to protect your digital data stored on it. This 5-digit code was designed to protect your flash drive from instant access by unwanted users and therefore only the owner who knows the secret code can open the flash drive and access the digital information.

It was first built with Micro USB connector, however we have updated it with a Type-C USB connector and it's now ready to be ordered from stock! Type-C and Micro USB connectors enable the flash drive to be connected to your portable devices right on-the-go for a quick and efficient data transfer.

Visit our website at and see full product info.
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