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Innovative LokenToken dual USB flash drive

LokenToken dual USB flash drive
SDI Gifts launches a secure and innovative LokenToken dual USB flash drive.
LokenToken is a unique and innovative flash drive that is hidden inside the container with 5-digit mechanical combination code. In order to get access to the flash drive hidden inside you have to know the secret combination (can set your own combination). Also we added an OTG function of Micro USB to allow quick and efficient digital data transfer right on-the go.
The main idea behind the design of LokenToken is to protect the flash drive from unwanted users and immediate access to it plus make quick and efficient data transfer right on-the-go.
It’s available in 2 capacities of 16/32 Gb and 2 colors of black/white.
• Information security – protecting data from access by unauthorized users;
• Micro USB for devices with OTG function;
• Hi-tech design.
SDI Gifts s.r.o.