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Growing promotion in multiple designs

Plant-wood in many different designs
Round, edgy, made of cork, double, simple or with magnet.

Emotion factory’s successful growing promotional products “plant wood” captivates with an even broader choice in 2018. Equipped with a peat tab and diverse types of seeds, it is a perfect occasion for the presentee to act as a gardener and will be happy for a long time with his fresh green plants, but also with the individually lasered or printed promotional message or company logo in the wood.

A new addition to this range is the plant wood in a set of 2 or set of 3 that offers even more green fun and a bigger advertising space.
All of our plant woods are produced in Europe with sustainable raw materials and offer an added value beside of the green advertising effect.
Thus, the plant wood for offices contains holes for pencils and a magnet to store paperclips. Each wood and surrounding paper band can be printed individually. Let’s get started with a quantity of 250 pieces.
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