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Emotions to remember

Emotions to remember (Memo Souvenir, Ukraine)
Your best choice in touristic souvenirs with unique design and best quality from Ukraine
Ukrainian company provide high quality touristic souvenirs, we are operating in Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, others. Our Products have unique designs best suitable for your local market.

Our ukrainian company "Eney" Ltd, almost 20 years and is Number #1 in local market.

For all the time we have managed to create a unique and high-quality product range spanning dozens of positions and striking diversity and unusual design.

Subjects souvenir goods MEMO is diverse and represents the most visited by tourists historic sites in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania.

Designs Gift MEMO modern and reflect the originality and uniqueness of the historical places, their architecture, folk art and features of each country.

MEMO Products gives unforgettable EMOTION.

Emotion, which allows you to make life more colorful, good and joyful.

Splash Emotions only souvenirs MEMO.

We are looking for whole sellers in any EU countries.

We provide free of charge sample, design.

All of our products have EU approvement if required!

Best regards,

International sales manager

Vasyl Svirskyj
Memo Souvenir Ltd,