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Custom made socks with own design

Custom made socks
We offer personalized socks with your own design.
• We produce socks from two types of fabrics - 80% cotton, 20% elastane or 100% polyester. Both types have the OEKO-Texcertificate which guarantees the highest quality.

• Variety of lengths - from Slip-ons to Thigh High Socks.

• Four various interior sock constructions:

- smooth

- half terry - the lower part is filled with a fluffy layer improving the comfort of use, prevents chafing, absorbs sweat better.

- full terry in the foot - as above, so that the entire interior of the foot from the ankle is filled.

- full terry - the interior of the entire sock is filled with a fluffy layer of yarn

• In addition to the background, the sock can have a maximum of 3 colours.

• After placing the order, we can make a trial pattern to accept or make any changes.

• Time of production is about 21 days.
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