European Suppliers Bookis a tool designed to support suppliers in their export activities within the promotional merchandise industry. Explore the ESB catalog and check how could you use best the opportunities to advertise in the ESB.

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RFID BlockerChip- the highest protect payment cards!

RFID BlockerChip in wallet RFID BlockerChip is the thinnest (only 0,81mm) card on the market, protecting your personal data and money on other cards: payment cards, ID cards, access cards. Made by the polish engineers, it interferes a signal between card and reader in an active way. It works because of low power RF chip, which generates a disrupting sequence, makes reading of nearby cards

Mr. BIO Eco-Friendly Charging Cable

Mr. BIO Eco-Friendly Charging Eco Cable First unusual environmentally friendly charging cable with 2in1 Type C & USB input.

  1. Plastic parts made of food grade biodegradable material
  2. Cables made of recyclable woven paper (Tyvek)
  3. Recycled Packaging (FSC® certified)

Scented advertising

Scented advertising magnets Scented advertising

Pullout Bag

PULLOUT BAG High Qlty feltbag with black handles with patented pull-out system. This bag is a must-have for every shopping tour!

Scarf Basic

scarf basic Basic scarves are the most popular model in our product range. The product can be used as a hat, headband, balaclava, mask or

Non woven & Eco friendly bags

Packaging bags We make the best packaging bags for

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